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Free Fins

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    This is the first version of a tool with which surfers can design their own fins. The goal is to recommend fins based on the surfer's weight, experience, board, surfstyle and type of wave. Currently the fins are composed manually by adjusting the main characteristics: depth, base length, foil, sweep and cant. The design is based on a FCS fin design and the features area, sweep and depth are shown to compare. There is choice between a single, twin or tri fin setup and an FCS, Futures or Finbox system. The FCS II and a quad setup will be added later and more adventureous shapes are in the pipeline like for example whale bumps on the front and shark skin dimples. For reference, this website provides a comprehensive overview: Any suggestions are welcome as this is a first version and if you want your custom fins made from recycled (ocean) plastic please get in touch!

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last updated ~2 years ago

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