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    SuperGiz is a different concept of prosthetic hand or arm, does not simulate a human hand. It consists of a main element "Octopus" that is placed on the limb and a set of "gadgets" to hook the octopus and perform the activity that we need. It is designed for concrete activities and we can add any gadget with the universal 90º hook-and-loop system. Create your own gadget or explore all avalailable here It is an original project made between Autofabricantes, Nación Pirata and Rafa Puede Foundation. You can contact us for more information or bugs at autofabricacion[arroba] This parametric design has being made by Rosalia González. All is in open source and you are free to use, modify or share this design, just let us know to improve together. Here a little explanation about the project:

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    #SuperGiz #Prótesis #Prosthesis #Autofabricantes #ProthesisHand #Gadgets

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