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Paco Ortiz

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I am an architect from Mexico City, graduated from National Autonomous University of Mexico; passionate for new tecnologies and innovative design. My first approach to parametric design was in 2012 during college. I was facinated about the shapes, the algorithms employed to design new patterns and forms that I have never seen untill that moment.
From that point untill now I have never stoped creating everything produced by my imagination. I love to figure out how to bring to reality all the stuff in my mind. As a result of my passion and obsession with parametric design, my knowledge and skills grew quickly and caught the eye of many architectural offices in my home town. I have built bamboo structures, attractor walls with wooden bricks, geodesic domes, lamps, objects to 3D print, just to name a few.
In Mexico is not common to find people used to parametric software so I decided to share my work and also to teach people interested in the topic. That was how the facebook fanpage "Grasshopper + Rhino Generative & 3D Parametric” was born and fortunately today we are almost 7K people sharing knowledge around the world.

Twitter: PA_rametri_CO
Instagram: paco_o.5

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